Am Hazing


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The strain Am Hazing came from the desire to combine two sides of the Haze family on one single cross.

On one side the magnificent clone selected in 1996 by Hy-pro, the Amnesia Core cut, powerful, very intellectual, productive and coniferous Haze. A clone with a lemony, spicy taste and the smell of candy.

On the other side, a special Sage N Sour clone from TH Seeds with a more tropical taste that come with touches of precious wood , more fluffy, typical of the sativas hybrids plants, with a more progressive and longer effect.

Am Hazing is the ideal strain to discover the various facets of wonderfull Haze Family. Certain plants are very close to the Amnesia, they are indeed very powerful in effect and compact with this typical taste which everybody likes.
Others ones are more exotic with tones of mango, papaya, and with an effect more High and progressive. Every one can select the plant which interests him most according to his criteria.

To be grown correctly, this strain need between 70 and 90 days of blooming. Starting to grow green flashy colored , these flowers, once dry and with a good curing, take a beautiful golden tint and are covered with trichomes of impressive size.

Very good strain to realize extractions, the yields are generally very satisfactory. Excelent for all the fresh plants extractions amateurs as Live Resin or Fresh frozen Hash, because the resin preserves very well those Hazy terpenes.

The sativa charater of Am Hazing confers her good medicinal properties making her capable of relieving the chronic pains, the stress, the depression as well as the headaches for certain users.

Height : Medium / High

Production : Good / High

85% Sativa 15% Indica

Indoor : 70 to 90 days

Outdoor : End of October

THC : 18% – 22%

Taste : Hazy, lemony, spicy, exotic fruits, precious wood

Medicinal : Chronic pain, stress, depression, headaches

Genetique : Amnesia Core Cut (Hy-pro) X Sage N Sour

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