Ghetto Blaster

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The clone Bubba Kush Katsu cut created and selected by the famous americain breeder ORGNKID (Oregon Kid) is an exceptional plant. An amazing indica with deep purple colors, rock buds, shiny leaves and with a devastating and physical effect. She develops a very pleasant taste, earthy, typical taste of the American kush family, with notes of coffee, bays and lemon.

By crossing this rare specimen with our Chemmy Jones from Connoisseur Genetics clone we created Ghetto Blaster.

This meeting allowed us to preserve the beneficial characteristics while correcting some defects of the Katsu cut . The objective being to keep the organoleptic side and the effects of Bubba Kush while increasing the productivity as well as her nutrients appetite by increasing the root mass.

Ghetto Blaster is a plant adapted to the see of green (SOG), because the growth of her secondary branches is not very important. Medium-sized if she is given a short grow period, she is adapted to the small grow rooms. She will produce plants with green and purplle marbled leaves and very compact buds brilliant of trichomes with this earthy smell, kushy!

The taste of Ghetto Blaster is similar to the one of the Bubba Kush Katsu cut. At first very earthy when its just dry, it will appear then with a developed curring, notes of coffee, berries, fruity and candy. After more than year of curring, flowers take then the taste and the smell of Moroccan type hash, it is rather special as phenomenon.

The effect of Ghetto Blaster is situated of the side indica. A very powerful and physical effect of type cough lock.

The medicinal character of this strain is not anymore to be proved, she is particularly effective to handle the strong pains, the cramps and body pains in general. She is also indicated in the fight against the stress, the insomnia, as well as to handle the lack of appetite.

Height : Medium

Production : Medium

THC : 18% – 22%

75% Indica 25% Sativa

Indoor : 50 to 60 days

Outdoor : In September

Taste : Earthy, hashy, coffee, berries

Médicinal : Strong pains, cramps and physical troubles, insomnia , stress, loss of appetite

Genetics : Bubba Kush Katsu cut X Chemmy Jones

Feminized seeds


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