Sour Deezal

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Our first grow with the lineage Sour Diesel goes back up at the beginning of 2007 with the discovery of a gold nugget on an underground French-speaking forum. This plant was so exceptional that it was directly distributed by his selector to the team which managed the forum, which we had in the time the chance and honor to be member of. His name: Sour Diesel Riri cut.

A high-powered clone on all the aspects witch stemming from a selection on a Sour Diesel IBL created by REZ the breeder of Reservoir Seeds.

Surprisingly, this cut improves all the aspects of her mother, the famous Sour Diesel, also known under the name of East Coast Sour Diesel. The taste is kept and strengthened, the production improved and the effect is more potent.

After numerous tests to try to reproduce this clone in the form of seeds it seemed to us that the best combination consisted in gathering the mother and her daugther again.

This new reunion returns Sour Deezal very close to her mother, the unique Sour Diesel Riri Cut. She develops a powerful taste of citronella and lavender which stays for a long time in mouth.

This weed is a truly Top Chelf Dank for connoisseurs looking for a powerful sativa cerebral effect. The production is pretty good and the flowers on certain plants are so hard that they almost do not lose volume in the drying stage.

This strain as wonderfull as she’s, like all the princess, she’s however a little whimsical, so, please really take caution for hot temperatures and the variations of pH and EC. The addition of CAL\MAG is generally commendable.

The yields on this strain in extraction are interesting and generally the terpenes are well preserved when it is about fresh plants: Fresh Frozen Bubble Hash or BHO Live Resin.

From the medicinal point of view, with a powerful, high, and psychoactive effect Sour Deezal is adapted to relieve the pains, the depression as well as the chronic fatigue.

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Height : High, with important stretch

Production : High

75% Sativa 25% Indica

Indoor : 70 to 90 days

Outdoor : Middle to end of October

THC : 19%-24%

Taste : Strong taste of citronella, lavender with chemical notes.

Medicinal : pains, depression, chronic fatigue.

Genetique : East Coast Sour Diesel X Sour Diesel IBL Riri cut

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