About us

Our adventure in the world of underground medicinal cannabis culture started in 2003.

Without grow shop in the surrounding area Internet was at that time a real mine of information.

With several outdoor and indoor sessions to our credit, seeing our skills grow from year to year we focused more and more seriously on our passion and began to share our impressions and experiences to the French underground community.

The year 2006 was a revolution for us when after 3 years of activity on the web we had the honor to be invited to join the team that was running an underground forum. This point marks the beginning of new friendships, the discovery of new techniques, and new plants. It is this year that we have cultivated and preserved since our first clone called “elite”. It was at this time the Cheese Exodus U.K. clone, which we had the mission to distribute to the passionate team of this forum, which we did without hesitation (Big up Krug!)

At the beginning of 2007, the second revolution, among several plants received from friends figured the already famous at this time the Amnesia Core Cut of Hypro (Thanks Silly!) And the Sour Diesel Riri cut (thanks Riri!), A clone just selected a few weeks earlier that we could never have imagined the future notoriety this clone has achieved today.

Since that time, without ever buying or selling a single clone, our collection is much enlarged, and only by practicing exchanges and donations. We thank all the enthusiasts and friends who have contributed.

Thus, we understood that it is essential to keep a maximum of strains in different forms, to be able to make discover the maximum potential of this superb plant.

After doing many crosses for our personal need and sharing our work with our entourage and passionate friends, positive feedbacks encouraged us to create MaD Strains. In order to share our work of more than 15 years in the field with a maximum of people.

MaD Strains, fully spelled out : Medicinal and Delicate Strains.

Here is a name that corresponds to our crew, a bit crazy, and who respects the values ​​we want to bring: a medicinal cannabis and a delicate flower, all together in mad strains!

MaD Strains is the adventure of a passion, which every day amazes us, moves us further, discover new people, go to new horizons in life, and for all these reasons, we thank all people who have been involved from near or far to make all this possible.

If one day you want to try one of our strains know that a lot of love and maximum professionalism have been implemented to provide you with the best of what we are able to do.


MaD Strains Crew.


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