Online shop opening

We are thrilled to announce that our Online Shop is finally open ! To reward your patience let’s start the MaD Week ! MaD Week = Giveaway + 25% discount + ULTRA LIMITED STRAINS DROP Giveaway on our Instagram @madstrains_seedbank 25% discount with the coupon code “NEWEB25” (can’t be used on our Limited Edition Line)Continue reading “Online shop opening”

5° Herbes del Dimoni

Saturday, February 24th, the MaD Strains crew is at Barcelona airport to take off for Mallorca in the Balearic Island , to celebrate the 5th cannabis fair “Herbes del Dimoni” and the Balearic cup. The flight was magical between sky, cloud and sea, facing the sunrise. We take time to  enjoy the first part ofContinue reading “5° Herbes del Dimoni”