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MaD Love

The Balearic cup 2018

Sunday, Febrary 25th, at Herbes del Dimoni in Mallorca, the afternoon there was the Balearic cup 2018.

23 trophies in 11 categories


We are gratefull to have won 4 cups in 3 categories :

1st place Miss Herbes del Dimoni weed indoor for the Am Hazing
2nd place Miss Herbes del Dimoni weed indoor for the Menace to Society
2nd place Extraction Ice/Dry for fresh frozen of Quality Street
2nd place Rosin with the Quality Street


Once again, congratulations to all the winners !!!

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Huge thanks to Jesus Martiínez Oliver, Banano Green and all the team of Herbes del Dimoni for the organisation of this competition.

Thanks to GEA biopharma for making these beautiful trophies, it’s an amazing art !!


5° Herbes del Dimoni

Saturday, February 24th, the MaD Strains crew is at Barcelona airport to take off for Mallorca in the Balearic Island , to celebrate the 5th cannabis fair “Herbes del Dimoni” and the Balearic cup.

The flight was magical between sky, cloud and sea, facing the sunrise. We take time to  enjoy the first part of the day to visit the island a little. In view of the uncertain and cold meteo we chose to make a road trip in the mountains to see the beautifull landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana.

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After these few hours of trip, we went to the cannabis fair. The place was charming, it is in a old farmhouse with orange trees, peacocks and sheeps everywhere. Here for the first time we met the kindly Herbes del Dimoni crew. Thanks for everybody we met on this day, bless to every one.


After a short night, we went back to the “Herbes del Dimoni” fair.

Juan Peralta Ramirez of GEA Biopharma was making a show of his molecular gastronomy with hemp flour, hemp seeds, terpen extracts and cannabinoïdes. He also proposed edibles to Cherry Haze Medibles.

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We also had the chance to attend at two conferences :

  • Karulo Abellan the founder of BCN Seeds, Best Cannabis Natural Seeds. He is one of the first Catalan cannabis activist, particularly known for having opened the first growshop of Barcelona (L’interior) and taking a part in the creation of the Cañamo Magazine. Also it was the first one in selling seeds of marijuana in Spain. This was a really great speech in posthumous tribute to Gregorio Fernández – Goyo, full of stories from the begening of the activism in the cannabis community in Spain and Europe. We really enjoy listening to those moments of history ! Thank you Karulo !karuloabellan-conference-herbesdeldimoni-bcn
  • In a second time, Nicolas trainerbees from Canna Honey was teaching us about the bees and his work for training them to use resine of cannabis in the process to making honey. This honey contains terpen and canabinoïdes. There is only one guy on earth that successfully achieve this miracle. At the end of his speech we had the pleasure to test his canna honey and we can tell you that we never experienced something like that ! Thanks again to Nicolas !conference-nicolastrainerbees-herbesdeldimoni



For the lunch, there was two big paella one classic and the other vegan literally all green. On the spot it was also proposed copious and delicious hamburger, desserts, smoothies and great coffee.


In the afternoon there have been an auction for a work of art parafernalia made by goodsmookaglass. goodsmookasglass-parafernalia-herbesdeldimoni


At 5pm, begening The Balearic Cup.

Stay tuned ! We talk about it in our next article!

MaD Strains Crew





MaD Mix

MaD Mix is a mix of different strains produced by the MaD Strains crew. These are Sativa and Indica plants, catalog strains or test lines which are not part of the catalog.

The plants obtained with MaD Mix may vary from one to another, both in taste (HAZE / CHEESE / KUSH / CHEM / COOKIES / SKUNKY / TANGIE) and effect (high and stone or relax).

The seeds are not identified and mixed at random, so we advise to separate the INDICA with the largest leaves from the SATIVA with thinner leaves to be able to grow all these plants in the best conditions.

Available in a mix of feminized seeds or in a mix of regular seeds.

Sour Deezal

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Our first grow with the lineage Sour Diesel goes back up at the beginning of 2007 with the discovery of a gold nugget on an underground French-speaking forum. This plant was so exceptional that it was directly distributed by his selector to the team which managed the forum, which we had in the time the chance and honor to be member of. His name: Sour Diesel Riri cut.

A high-powered clone on all the aspects witch stemming from a selection on a Sour Diesel IBL created by REZ the breeder of Reservoir Seeds.

Surprisingly, this cut improves all the aspects of her mother, the famous Sour Diesel, also known under the name of East Coast Sour Diesel. The taste is kept and strengthened, the production improved and the effect is more potent.

After numerous tests to try to reproduce this clone in the form of seeds it seemed to us that the best combination consisted in gathering the mother and her daugther again.

This new reunion returns Sour Deezal very close to her mother, the unique Sour Diesel Riri Cut. She develops a powerful taste of citronella and lavender which stays for a long time in mouth.

This weed is a truly Top Chelf Dank for connoisseurs looking for a powerful sativa cerebral effect. The production is pretty good and the flowers on certain plants are so hard that they almost do not lose volume in the drying stage.

This strain as wonderfull as she’s, like all the princess, she’s however a little whimsical, so, please really take caution for hot temperatures and the variations of pH and EC. The addition of CAL\MAG is generally commendable.

The yields on this strain in extraction are interesting and generally the terpenes are well preserved when it is about fresh plants: Fresh Frozen Bubble Hash or BHO Live Resin.

From the medicinal point of view, with a powerful, high, and psychoactive effect Sour Deezal is adapted to relieve the pains, the depression as well as the chronic fatigue.

For prices and buy go to https://www.alchimiaweb.com/en/sour-deezal-product-9646.php


Height : High, with important stretch

Production : High

75% Sativa 25% Indica

Indoor : 70 to 90 days

Outdoor : Middle to end of October

THC : 19%-24%

Taste : Strong taste of citronella, lavender with chemical notes.

Medicinal : pains, depression, chronic fatigue.

Genetique : East Coast Sour Diesel X Sour Diesel IBL Riri cut

Feminized seeds


For more information , send us an e-mail  CLICK HERE


Ghetto Blaster

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The clone Bubba Kush Katsu cut created and selected by the famous americain breeder ORGNKID (Oregon Kid) is an exceptional plant. An amazing indica with deep purple colors, rock buds, shiny leaves and with a devastating and physical effect. She develops a very pleasant taste, earthy, typical taste of the American kush family, with notes of coffee, bays and lemon.

By crossing this rare specimen with our Chemmy Jones from Connoisseur Genetics clone we created Ghetto Blaster.

This meeting allowed us to preserve the beneficial characteristics while correcting some defects of the Katsu cut . The objective being to keep the organoleptic side and the effects of Bubba Kush while increasing the productivity as well as her nutrients appetite by increasing the root mass.

Ghetto Blaster is a plant adapted to the see of green (SOG), because the growth of her secondary branches is not very important. Medium-sized if she is given a short grow period, she is adapted to the small grow rooms. She will produce plants with green and purplle marbled leaves and very compact buds brilliant of trichomes with this earthy smell, kushy!

The taste of Ghetto Blaster is similar to the one of the Bubba Kush Katsu cut. At first very earthy when its just dry, it will appear then with a developed curring, notes of coffee, berries, fruity and candy. After more than year of curring, flowers take then the taste and the smell of Moroccan type hash, it is rather special as phenomenon.

The effect of Ghetto Blaster is situated of the side indica. A very powerful and physical effect of type cough lock.

The medicinal character of this strain is not anymore to be proved, she is particularly effective to handle the strong pains, the cramps and body pains in general. She is also indicated in the fight against the stress, the insomnia, as well as to handle the lack of appetite.

Height : Medium

Production : Medium

THC : 18% – 22%

75% Indica 25% Sativa

Indoor : 50 to 60 days

Outdoor : In September

Taste : Earthy, hashy, coffee, berries

Médicinal : Strong pains, cramps and physical troubles, insomnia , stress, loss of appetite

Genetics : Bubba Kush Katsu cut X Chemmy Jones

Feminized seeds


For more information , send us an e-mail  CLICK HERE

Am Hazing


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The strain Am Hazing came from the desire to combine two sides of the Haze family on one single cross.

On one side the magnificent clone selected in 1996 by Hy-pro, the Amnesia Core cut, powerful, very intellectual, productive and coniferous Haze. A clone with a lemony, spicy taste and the smell of candy.

On the other side, a special Sage N Sour clone from TH Seeds with a more tropical taste that come with touches of precious wood , more fluffy, typical of the sativas hybrids plants, with a more progressive and longer effect.

Am Hazing is the ideal strain to discover the various facets of wonderfull Haze Family. Certain plants are very close to the Amnesia, they are indeed very powerful in effect and compact with this typical taste which everybody likes.
Others ones are more exotic with tones of mango, papaya, and with an effect more High and progressive. Every one can select the plant which interests him most according to his criteria.

To be grown correctly, this strain need between 70 and 90 days of blooming. Starting to grow green flashy colored , these flowers, once dry and with a good curing, take a beautiful golden tint and are covered with trichomes of impressive size.

Very good strain to realize extractions, the yields are generally very satisfactory. Excelent for all the fresh plants extractions amateurs as Live Resin or Fresh frozen Hash, because the resin preserves very well those Hazy terpenes.

The sativa charater of Am Hazing confers her good medicinal properties making her capable of relieving the chronic pains, the stress, the depression as well as the headaches for certain users.

Height : Medium / High

Production : Good / High

85% Sativa 15% Indica

Indoor : 70 to 90 days

Outdoor : End of October

THC : 18% – 22%

Taste : Hazy, lemony, spicy, exotic fruits, precious wood

Medicinal : Chronic pain, stress, depression, headaches

Genetique : Amnesia Core Cut (Hy-pro) X Sage N Sour

Feminized seeds


For more information , send us an e-mail  CLICK HERE